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Squirrel Cage Fan

Lasko Utility Fan

Every once in awhile, it becomes necessary to utilize a fan for one reason or another.

Perhaps you are a craft person, and you have paint fumes in your garage that need to be vented out.

Or, maybe you need air circulated through your garage so that it does not grow stagnant.

Or, maybe you stir up a lot of dust when you work in the shop, and need a fan that will carry it out for you.

Of course, you can buy those cheap box fans at the retail store, but a lot of hobbyists find that these are a dime a dozen. They will help you to keep a little bit of airflow going in your bedroom, but when it comes to serious circulation and air movement, they are really underpowered.

This utility fan from Lasko is full featured and often regarded as one of the best available. It is rugged and powerful, making circulation easy.

There are three powerful speeds, a low, a medium, and a high. Even on low, however, this fan will really move air where you need it. There are also two handy accessory outlets, and a safety circuit breaker. This breaker includes a reset button. The power cord is ten feet long.

Pretty much everyone who reviews this Lasko fan says that it is dynamite for the money. They also say that it is easy to service. Basically, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver to remove 8 screws, and this will give you access to the fan for cleaning. If you own pets, the hair might actually plug up the fan, so a routine cleaning now and again might be a good idea. For the money, this is a product that you just cannot beat!

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